A free, public K-12 charter school with locations in rural communities of Utah!


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Scholars’ dress, personal appearance and conduct are required to be of such character as to not disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school.  Weather and safety MUST be considered in the selection of clothing and shoes.

The dress code is established to ensure and maintain an orderly, undisrupted school environment free from health and safety issues.  

Administration will have the discretion to determine the appropriateness of school attire.

  • No skin shall be visible beyond 2” above the knee when wearing shorts, skirts, pants, skorts, dresses or any other “below the waist” attire.  These items need to be khaki, black or navy in color. No denim/jean material of any color may be worn.

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  • Tops must be a collared polo or button-up shirt in the following colors: navy blue, gray or white.  These must be a solid color without logos or writing on them.  Spirit t-shirts may only be worn on Fridays, the last day of the week if other than Friday, or on field trips.

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  • Leggings/jeggings worn under approved skirts/shorts will only be allowed if they are the following colors: khaki, black, or navy.

  • Shoes will be worn at all times- no flip-flops or high heeled shoes; sandals must include a back strap.

  • No sagging pants--oversized pants need to be worn with a belt. Pants, shorts, and skirts are to be worn on hips or above.

  • Undergarments (boxers, bras, tighty-whitey’s should not be visible or seen at ANY TIME.)

  • Pajama pants, sweat pants, workout clothes and slippers are forbidden at school unless worn on approved days or activities.

  • No see-through or bare belly shirts or blouses (this includes off-color bras that bring attention to the undergarments of an individual.)

  • Shirts are not allowed to be low cut, or loose and revealing, showing any part of the chest or torso.

  • Only natural hair colors will be allowed.

  • Hats/head coverings are to be worn in the fashion intended for the particular head covering and no head covering will be worn inside a building, including any hood, unless Caps for Cash is instituted at your campus.

  • No bandanas, bandana-like headwear or Do-rags are to be worn or displayed.

  • Accessories that could be used as a weapon or pose a danger are forbidden due to safety concerns.

  • Any clothes, armbands, handkerchiefs, masks, or jewelry that display gang affiliation, lewd or profane slogans, hate language, ethnic slurs, and/or promote violence, weapons, sex, drugs, tobacco, juuling, or alcohol are forbidden.

  • Piercings and tattoos that interfere with the educational environment or pose a danger are forbidden.  Nose piercings are limited to a single stud, no rings.  Ear piercings are limited to one pair of small earrings or studs.  No other piercings are allowed and this includes lip, face, eyebrow, neck, etc.