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Trista Taylor


Trista Taylor

5th - 6th Grade Teacher

Trista Taylor is 33 years old and from Richfield Utah. She is married and has 2 kids, a boy (8 years old) and a girl (12 years old).

Trista graduated from Richfield High School, received a Certificate in Computer Applications from Snow College, received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Southern Utah University, and received her Masters of Science in Psychology from University of Phoenix. While attending college she  worked with female youth in youth facilities in Cedar City, Utah. She worked with girls ranging from age 12-17 for 6 years.

Trista had initially planned to get her PsyD in psychology, but when her husband went to work in Afghanistan she chose to stay home with her children. She says, "Staying home with my children was the best decision I've ever made!" Before staying home with her children, Trista had been independent and career driven. She said that staying home with her kids "humbled me and taught me an immense amount of patience." While at home, Trista and her husband invested in rental properties that they manage and maintain still today.

On her free time, Trista enjoys camping, hiking, skydiving, rappelling, snowmobiling, swimming in the canal with the kids and anything else outdoor. She considers herself an easy going and simple person. She says that she tries "to keep my life simple and stay out of the glitz and glamour of the world outside." She believes in family values and personal integrity. She believe in being honest and hard working and simply doing the best we can with the cards in life we're given.

As a teacher at Athenian eAcademy, she hopes to be the kind of teacher the kids can rely on to help them be successful in school, but also to encourage them to be everything God intended for them to be. She believes that every person is unique and has a unique gift to offer the world. She says that her job is to encourage the students to find their own unique self and encourage them to share that person with the world. She believes that students excel best academically when they have a solid understanding of who they are and where they are going in life. She hopes to inspire scholars who value integrity, honesty, and hard work!