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Procedures for Transferring

Transfer Students Policy


A. A school district shall enroll as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks after specific formal parental request, a student who is a resident of a school district, who desires to transfer from a charter school to the resident school after June 30 and who submits enrollment information consistent with all school district students in a district school that is below capacity.

B. Schools may limit students who are transferring from a charter school to a district school after June 30 for the upcoming school year to schools, grade levels, programs and courses that have space available or are below capacity at the district schools.

C. A school district shall not require enrollment procedures or forms from students moving from a charter school to a district school that differ in any way from enrollment procedures/forms required for district students if the charter school students are leaving a charter school after the final grade level offered by the charter school.

D. Parents/Students who are enrolled at charter schools and are seeking enrollment at district schools should check with the school district office (or school principal if designated by the school district) for official current capacity information about schools, grade levels, programs or courses before leaving a charter school and forfeiting a charter school enrollment right.

E. If a school changes the location of services for a student with disabilities, the new location may only be considered a change of placement as determined by the student's IEP and consistent with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 20 U.S.C. 1400, Part B.

F. Consistent with Section 53A-11-904(3), schools may deny enrollment to students in a public school if they have been expelled from another public school.

G. Schools may deny students' enrollment in a public school if they leave a public school with disciplinary procedures pending at the previous Utah public school until previous allegations have been resolved.

H. Charter schools and district schools shall notify each other of student enrollment consistent with Section 53A-1a-506.5(4).