A free, public K-12 charter school with 7 locations in rural communities of Utah!

Matt Throckmorton


Matt Throckmorton

Founder and CEO

Matt has worked tirelessly in the education reform community of both Utah and Tennessee, with a focus on charter schools. He began his work supporting strong policies that would incentivize the creation of many charter schools, to include supporting many of Utah's early charter schools such as Lincoln Academy, Reagan Academy, American Leadership Academy and others. In 2007 he accepted the responsibilities in Tennessee with the Tennessee Charter Schools Association, where he continued this work with a shift in focus to serving inner-city populations with significant achievement gaps. This work has exposed Matt to an entirely new way of utilizing education reform tools in the charter school framework.

Athenian eAcademy is the result of these two charter school worlds with a new challenge of developing an operational model that will successful serve rural communities. Athenian eAcademy is a collaborative project that will bring together ideas and influences from both Utah and Tennessee to resolve the challenge of creating a truly replicable rural charter school model. Athenian eAcademy will also utilize tools that have so effectively established strong school culture models within the urban education arena. Another opportunity to utilize charter schools as laboratories of learning.

Matt is married to the former Valerie Reynolds and has two daughters. He received his bachelor degree from Brigham Young in political science. He served two-terms in the Utah House of Representatives and his heart and work remain committed to supporting the great state of Utah.