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Marlene Swasey


Marlene Swasey

Co-Academic Director/Central Utah Site Administrator

I have always loved learning and teaching, just ask my siblings; they can tell you how often I made them play school. Through differing events in life, I ended up getting my Cosmetology license and had a shop in my home for many years. I also worked in the family business part- and full-time over two decades. I have been the PTA/PTO President three different times and Treasurer once. I loved being involved with my children and their education—now that they are adults I kind of miss those times. When my youngest child started Kindergarten, I decided to go back to school and do the thing I had always wanted to do in my heart—teach!

It took me seven years to finish. I took summers off to be with my children and I tacked on an extra year by changing my major. I originally started out with the plan to become an Earth Science teacher—I love to dig in the rocks, be in the ocean, and being in nature! Then I volunteered in some Special Ed. classes and my heart had a huge change of direction—I love those kids! While going to school I worked as a special ed. technician at Springville Middle School in Nebo School District. I graduated from Utah State with a Bachelor of Science, my major being in special ed. Upon completing my student teaching, the school asked me to stay; so I did, and enjoyed 8 years working with the staff, students, and parents at Brookside Elementary in Springville. I was then  transferred to Mapleton Elementary to teach a self-contained cluster academic unit. I don't have a severe endorsement and was hesitant. However, it being more of an academic unit, I was authorized to teach it. I  jumped in and had a great experience. I call those days—the days of walking daily with angels! They were tough days—most of them—but oh, so rewarding!

I simultaneously attended Western Governor's University, while teaching at this unit, and earned my Supervisor/Administration Degree. I was able to work with three different schools to intern and earn my degree. I wanted to do something different and saw an opening at American Preparatory Academy (APA) for a Special Ed Case Manager/Director. 

APA is a great school, I still just felt a need to do something a little more; to be out working with the teachers, students, and parents. This led me here to Athenian eAcademy.

I have also earned my math endorsement from SUU, my ESL endorsement from BYU, and Autism Training certificates from Autism Training Solutions. I have had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at BYU, in both regular and special ed. classes, on the special ed. process, IEPs, collaboration, and assessment. I have taught the new teacher induction classes on math during the summer to those new teachers in the district; with all these trainings and guest speaking opportunities. I have had the opportunity to have an open classroom and have many classes and parents come and observe in my classroom. I have been awarded teacher of the year on three different occasions by my peers and the Care Bear Award by the PTA/Parents. I firmly believe though, that I have never been alone and any award or honor won goes to the team at my side! We are all in this together! Go! Fight! Win Team!