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Laurel Jones


Laurel Jones

Math and Music

I graduated in 2007 with dual degrees in Bachelor of Science in Math Education and Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies as well as a Minor in Music from Northland Baptist Bible College in northern Wisconsin. I earned my Level 4 math certification from Western Governor's University in 2011. I have taught in Utah, Missouri, and Illinois. I taught for 5 years at White River Academy in Delta, Utah as assistant academic director as well as helping to develop the curriculum. In this atmosphere I was responsible for every subject from 7th-12th grade. I was teacher, counselor, advisor, friend and fill-in mom for the boys attending our facility. I have also taught in private schools covering both math and science from elementary through high school. I am a self-proclaimed math geek, loving this subject and seeing the application of math in everything around me. I try to bring this love of our logical and math-oriented world to every student in my classroom and to those I encounter on a daily basis. To know me is to understand that I believe math is as beautiful as poetry.

I have the ability and gift of being able to take the abstract and connect it to the concrete, a very handy thing when teaching the abstract concepts of math. I'm also good at connecting math to other subjects—math and science, math and English, math and history, math and music, math and business. My love of math has leant itself to owning a restaurant in concert with my three siblings and managing it. I love to read and have a good grasp of both English and British literature, especially the classics (although I also love a good mystery!). Music is also a passion. I play the piano, sing, and enjoy singing as a group with my family. We perform for our community, churches state-wide, and our own pleasure. I love the convenience of technology, but have the soul of someone from the 1800s.

When I'm in the classroom I am very structured but I try to have fun and make learning a joyful and worthwhile experience. I take as a personal challenge any student that doesn't have the same love for numbers that I have. I have a strong belief in personal discipline and see it as a foundational ability in being successful in life. I take that discipline with me into my personal life. Even though I love organization, I see the beauty in the eclectic array of personalities around me and love to laugh at the absurdities and charms of life. I love to teach, and it is my desire that my students will see that and respond accordingly.