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Jared Ferguson


Jared Ferguson


My name is Jared Ferguson, I am a career educator who grew up in Utah. I am married to my wife of 24 years have a son who attends a local charter school in Utah County. My career in education began about 25 years ago as I entered education as a science teacher at Provo High School. From there I went to Provo Districts alternative high school as a teacher on special assignment and to help with admin. work. After being sponsored by Provo District to earn my masters in School Administration I spent time as a leader at the middle and high school levels and ended my career in Provo as a District Administrator over secondary programs and science.   About 2 years ago I left Provo to help a local charter school to locate a bldg. and grow their high school program to include 9th grade. I then continued as the Principal at the newly created high school until this opportunity came to join the team at Athenian. In the past few days I have been constantly impressed by the level of commitment and the accomplishments of the Athenian Team. I am so excited to meet all of you in person over the next few weeks. I am also looking forward to learning with and from you as we move forward in the goal of providing excellent educational opportunities to our students across the State.