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High School


Believing in the importance of balance between academics and individual worth, we focus on empowering our scholars to own their personal academic success and choices. We believe that building habits of success through goal planning and personalizing student learning will accelerate mastery in pursuit of college and career readiness and facilitates our scholars in lifelong opportunities for achievement. Academically, we will place a focus on literature, writing and deep critical thinking skills, seeking to collaborate with parents in an opportunity to reach a scholar's maximum abilities.

Aea HS Scholars have passed 165 classes so far!!!  Go Titans!!!

Here is your career video of the week! This week is Business Management. If you watch the video and then fill out the form by 9:00 am on Friday, you will get 5 Drachmas. For full credit, you must use complete sentences, correct punctuation, and grammar. I have even been known to give a bonus to extra good work! Have a great week!

November Contest



The results for the November contest are in! The November contest was for the campus with the most classes completed per scholar.It was a very close race between the top two campuses! The winner is Ballard with 1.4 classes completed per scholar for the month of November. The entire school had an average of .63 classes completed per scholar in the month of November. Congratulations to Ballard! Remember the prize is a pie party.  And putting a pie in the face of your homeroom teacher! Congratulations also to the scholars who have completed the poetry memorizing challenge!

Mrs. Celaya


The December Contest is the Ultimate Match to the Finish: Language Arts vs Math! Which one will come out on top?


The goal is to complete as many language arts and math classes as possible.


The campus that completes the most math and language arts classes will win.

If more language arts classes are completed than math classes for the entire school, then the winning campus will each get an exemption from 1 language arts test. And Ms. Purcell will get a prize!

If more math classes are completed than language arts for the entire school, then each scholar on the winning campus will get an exemption from 1 math test! And Ms. Jones will get a prize!


Math vs language arts! Which will be the champion?


Mini Contest


The December Mini Contest will be a writing contest! Those participating will write a Christmas story and include the following words:

Adorable penguins



Snow storm


Ravenous butterflies


The teachers will also have a short story contest. Each campus needs to submit a word by the end of the week and the teachers will need to include all six words in their submissions.


The stories for both scholars and teachers will be due by December 18th.

Shmoop Contest

  • Shmoop incentive options:

    • Score a 22 on a test (pre-test or post-test) and get 300 points, scholars get a $20 gift card.

    • Shmoop points: if the whole school gets 500,000 points by the end of January, they can put a pie in the face of administration (their choice!)

Class Schedule

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Mrs. Hendrickson's Classroom

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Miss Lovejoy's Classroom

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Mr. White's Classroom

Miss Jones' Classroom

Mrs. Lopez's Office

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Mr. McMurray's Classroom (Reading coach)

Meeting times



Meeting times 12:00-3:00

Mr. Wolf's classroom (Math coach)

Meeting times  1:00-3:00

2018-19 Class Registration Information

(this is NOT an application to the school, only a request for classes)

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High School Graduation Credits

2018-19 Course Offerings

welcome to aea high school video


To sign up for driver education course you need to go to drivefit.net The course is continuous enrollment which means when you sign up you will be able to start shortly after. The course fee is $145.

90% of the course is done online at the students own pace. After they complete the online portion of the class we will call them for the drive time with an instructor.

Services provided:

  • 30 driver education theory hours provided online.
  • 4 hours of driving simulation.
  • Road hours with an instructor.
  • Final road skills test.
  • Scholars would receive .25 credits for the class.
  • Everything except for Driver's License is provided (DLD issues license)***

For questions about enrolling or pay by check/phone please email: zachancock@aea.rocks