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Believing in the importance of balance between academics and individual worth, we focus on empowering our scholars to own their personal academic success and choices. We believe that building habits of success through goal planning and personalizing student learning will accelerate mastery in pursuit of college and career readiness and facilitates our scholars in lifelong opportunities for achievement. Academically, we will place a focus on literature, writing and deep critical thinking skills, seeking to collaborate with parents in an opportunity to reach a scholar's maximum abilities.

Congratulations Titans! You have completed 684 classes so far this year!  Way to go Titans!!!!

March Contest:

March has arrived and it’s time once again for our monthly contest. It is your lucky day because we have a contest planned like none we’ve had before! It is truly a novel idea!


March will be completely booked with fun! If you exhibit shelf control, you will win!


The contest will be for the campus with the most pages read per scholar. This includes: books and Plato tutorials!

For every tutorial that has been completely read, the number of slides counts as the number of pages!

For books, keep track of your pages read.

Update your mentor daily on the number of pages read! Counting starts today!


The winning campus will win a novel movie day—that is a movie based off of your favorite book!


Also, the teachers will keep track of pages read too! If the scholars total pages read can exceed the teacher’s pages read, there will be a celebration!


Throughout the month we will have fun reading activities—make sure you have your book close by!


So work hard and “Treat yo shelf” to some quality reading time!

The following chart will now be used in all of your iTime meetings:

  • Graduation tracking:

..Not on track

On track for the week

On track for the year

On track for graduation

A Career Pathway allows students to explore a potential career by providing classes that focus on the skills needed in that career area. Pathways often provide the foundation classes that are needed as a student progresses from high school to a technical school and often on to a four-year college or university program. We have identified five pathways that our students can follow to gain experience and explore career fields of interest. We also have a four new CTE classes that we are offering as part of our pathways

To complete a pathway you must complete 3 credits.  If you complete 1.5 credits (three classes) within a pathway, it means that you have "concentrated" in that pathway. Below are listed the pathways with the classes we offer within that pathway. After completing a minimum of 1.5 credits by taking available AeA classes, you may then be able to attend a technical college or take concurrent enrollment college classes to help complete your pathway.

If you are interested in pursuing a pathway or have any questions, please talk with Mrs. Lopez

  • Career Pathway: Graphic Design & Communication: Digital Media (1.5 credits minimum)

    • Web Development NEW!

    • Graphic Design

    • Game Development

    • Entrepreneurship NEW!

    • Workplace Skills (Essential Career Skills)

  • Career Pathway: Hospitality & Tourism: Culinary Arts (1.5 credits minimum)

    • Food & Nutrition (Culinary Arts)

    • Hospitality & Tourism

    • Entrepreneurship  NEW!

    • Workplace Skills (Essential Career Skills)

  • Career Pathway: Hospitality & Tourism: Hospitality & Tourism (1.5 credits minimum)

    • Food & Nutrition (Culinary Arts)

    • Hospitality & Tourism

    • Entrepreneurship NEW!

    • Workplace Skills (Essential Career Skills)

  • Career Pathway: Education and Training: Pre-K: Early Childhood Education (1.5 credits minimum)

    • Child Development

    • Early Childhood Education  NEW!

    • Food & Nutrition (Culinary Arts)

    • Entrepreneurship NEW!

    • Workplace Skills (Essential Career Skills)

  • Career Pathway:Business Finance and Marketing: Entrepreneurship (1.5 credits minimum)

    • Business Marketing and Finance

    • Sports and Entertainment Marketing NEW!

    • Web Development NEW!

    • Entrepreneurship NEW!

    • Workplace Skills (Essential Career Skills)



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Aspire to Greatness!

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To sign up- use this link: umadrivered.org

The theory course that is provided online is free.

The behind the wheel is $185 and the student should call Mr. West OR Mr. Hancock at (833) 400 – 3348 for options on how to take the behind the wheel portion of the course.