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Dot Ross


Dot Ross

3rd - 4th Grade Teacher

My beginning:

My biggest source of inspiration to become a teacher, and motivation to set and reach my goals, began in my childhood years while growing up. Twelve of us children were born and raised in a small 4-bedroom home with 1 bathroom and 1 television. Of all twelve siblings, I am the seventh child. There are eight girls and four boys, one of whom sadly passed away just before the age of 7 months. That wide range of ages made for a well-rounded education in a wide variety of skills and dealing with an even wider assortment of personalities. Summers, and too many after school hours, were spent working on our 365 +-acre family farms raising a wide variety of crops and animals. Come rain or shine there was always the family cow needing her twice a day milking, pigs to slop, eggs to gather, and all the other animals to feed. Through it all I learned and gained so much more than I ever imagined from the hard and rewarding work.  

My Marriage:

For 38 years I have been proudly working beside my husband as we began our marriage. When we married he was still going to Utah State University to finish his electrician degree and working in the field. His greatest joy though is found through working the soil and raising a variety of crops.  Opportunity came and we bought the family home and the 36-acre farm sits on the corner of, and throughout the years have added four children, three sons and one daughter along the way, and many more acres for raising crops. Our children, have flown the coop and trying to make their own way in this crazy world, and so far we have welcomed four beautiful little grandsons to our family.

My official education:

Motherhood was so important to me that it took me 16 years to get my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  An Associate’s degree in Applied Science of Ornamental Horticulture and a science minor was also earned, so that all the sciences from K-8th grade were covered. Both of my degrees were earned from Utah State University.

To help support my family and education, I became a substitute within Box Elder County and remained there for 16 years. My substitution years began with me filling in for a custodian, and is where I got the attentions of teachers as I handled the wide variety of scholars in the halls, and within the lunchroom. I even substituted as secretary and cook, giving me much more experience from other perspectives.  Every substitute position from grades K-12, and almost every subject in between, that I fulfilled helped me increase in exposure to and gain experience with a wide range of personalities, learning needs, and even the confidence to help all scholars succeed. Two separate opportunities allowed me to substitute long term for a science and art teacher. The art position turned into one full term because the teacher needing a serious surgery.

My greatest Enjoyments:

In the warm early morning hours, you will find me outdoors enjoying my time in my garden and yard, playing in the dirt and working with a wide variety of plants and projects.  During the cold months I enjoy spending time with a variety of plant within my greenhouse. Some years I am able to take in garden plants so that they can continue to be enjoyed throughout the winter. Oh, a sliced tomato for Christmas, can be divine.  Winter time is also the best time for making any improvements within my home that patiently waited through the warm weather. It’s also the best time to relax and spend much more time with my husband and family.

Perhaps the best part of the colder weather spare time is when I can relax and sit at my sewing machine to create new, or alter clothing, playing the piano, cooking/canning, reading, doing genealogy, and crocheting.