A free, public K-12 charter school with 7 locations in rural communities of Utah!

Distance Education / Part-Time

Athenian eAcademy Distance Education recognizes that learning is unique for each child and family.  Therefore, you build your child's educational plan in collaboration with a certified teacher. Together you will select the curriculum, resources, and goals to ensure your child reaches his/her personal potential.


Students are required to take the NWEA assessment. This assessment happens three times a year. The NWEA is an awesome tool to identify where each student is academically. After the first NWEA students will then receive their curriculum

Extra Curricular Activities

This year we will offer extra curricular activities through approved local vendors. Each scholar will be allowed to participate in 1 weekly activity throughout the school year. At the beginning of each semester a list of eligible activities will be presented and offered on a first come first serve basis.

Technology Supports

Each family is eligible to receive a ChromeBook to support learning at home.

E.P.I.C. Day

Engaging. Practicing. Incorporating. Cultivating. Bridging the Engagement gap with hands-on learning.

Weekly Scholars get together with other scholars to cover science, history, music, and the arts.

Field Trips

Every month our E.P.I.C. day groups will be taking field trips. AeA will pay for 4 major field trips throughout the year. We do ask that parents attend and support with transportation.

Scholars are required to do at least one online curriculum to track attendance and progress. Please contact your distance education specialist for a detailed list of curriculum offerings.