A free, public K-12 charter school with locations in rural communities of Utah!

Cindee Roberts


Cindee Roberts

Special Education Tech

As a  homeschooling mom, I have been very invested in my children's education.  I have looked to the needs of my children and chose a course of action that would best benefit them; to help them learn and grow in their own way.  Each child is different and therefore deserves to be taught in a way that increases his ability to gain knowledge and apply it.  Using this philosophy, my husband and I discovered that Athenian eAcademy was opening a campus in our rural town.  It seemed that their charter fit our way of thinking and would provide a way to educate our children in a way that would help them succeed in their personal goals.  We enrolled our youngest three children.  Athenian eAcademy helped our son complete four years of High School into only three years.  Our daughter graduated a full semester ahead of schedule.  Now our youngest child is a sophomore and working on her junior year requirements.  This model has proven very effective for our family.

For me, I was asked to become an instructional aide in the middle of the first year that AeA was in operation.  This position continued until the massive layoffs in the second year.  I was asked to return to be a SpEd instructor at the end of the 2019 school year and currently continue with this position.  I love teaching and seeing the 'light bulb' of understanding turning on in childrens' minds.  I am excited for the opportunity to teach young minds!